I have had the privilege of experiencing 2 readings from Trisha.  These readings were amazingly accurate and insightful. She was able to channel various family and friends. These readings brought me such peace and understanding of several complex relationships that had been challenging for me. I now have an appreciation of their struggles and I feel a deeper connection with several of my loved ones than was possible when they were alive. I have found forgiveness for not only them, but myself. These readings were humbling, delightful and full of love and healing. 

–Sarah, Portland, OR


Our reading was wonderful!  I have no doubt that she is authentic in her process and is gifted in a way that is hard to grasp and understand.  Trisha passed on some information to me that had been deep-seated within me for a great number of years and has been holding me back. I received confirmation of my purpose in this life and have been able to embrace the idea. I believe moving forward with this knowledge will be life-changing for me. I had also been struggling with the passing of a friend and the communication Trisha passed on to me made me understand so much more about our connection.

This reading was a valuable experience for me.  It came from someone I completely trust to have no other agenda other than to help me move through life in the best possible way. Thank you!!

–Trish, Soquel, CA


Words cannot express my deep appreciation for Trisha’s reading. It has helped me so much!  Trisha recounted events and experiences that I had not shared with anyone.  She helped me to process and understand events from my past that had been painful and confusing to me. Her reading allowed me to make peace with my father, which has lead to healing and acceptance, a true life changing experience.

You have such an amazing gift!  Thank you for sharing it with me.

–Nancy, Gresham, OR