Readings Offered

Channeled Snap Shot

In this reading I will connect with your guides and/or angels to channel a message for you. This could be to give insight into a current or past situation, it could be to direct you down a path that is for your highest good, or it could be to help you heal from a past hurt. You can also ask about an area of your life needing clarity.  You can trust that spirit will know just what you need to hear.

I will then put it into an e-mail for you. This will be sent to you within 7-14 days from the time of payment.

Mediumship and/or Intuitive Reading

I start off this reading with a channeled message specifically for you.  It includes information for you from your guides and/or angels.  This can bring clarity to many areas of your life.

We will then move into a mediumship reading.  Your loved ones are always around you and are waiting for a chance to connect with you. I will act as the “medium” between you and your loved ones. I will be the voice for those in spirit. They frequently provide information that identifies who they are, may reference an event that has happened since their passing, and/or give a direct messages of healing. This information can assist you in recognizing that their relationship with you still exists and that they are still a part of your life. A reading can be profoundly healing and life affirming for anyone looking to connect with those who have passed.

Readings can be done in person (Portland Metro area) or over Skype or by phone.

Thank you for all of your support of my book!  I really appreciate your kindness and for helping me to launch “Words of Life” into the world.



Snap Shot Reading – $150

Mediumship/Intuitive Reading – $200 (1 hour session)

**For either reading, you will only need to provide your name and have an open mind and heart. Our session will be greatly enhanced if both of us are open and grateful for the opportunity to connect.

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Mediumship Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record our session?

Yes. You are free to record or take notes.

Is it better to meet with you in person, rather than over the phone or Skype?

A phone or Skype reading is just as good as an in-person reading.  Your loved one will be able to find the medium (me) whether you are in the room with him/her or not.

Can I ask that a specific love one come through for me?

I usually let things unfold naturally during a session.  That said, having an intention to hear from a specific person is just fine.  There are times when this is preferred, especially if you have a lot of loved ones wanting to come forward.  Just remember, who comes through is not up to me and I ask that you just be open to whoever shows up.

What do you need to know before a reading?

I prefer not to know anything except your name.  This preserves the integrity of the reading.

Should I talk or respond during a reading?

Yes, but please keep answers to a minimum. You can use basic responses such as, “yes, that makes sense,” “I am not sure,” or “maybe.” Validating information will help you and me know who we have coming through. Just remember to keep answers brief until the session is over.  However, at the end of a session I always enjoy hearing stories relating to what has come though if you care to share.

What if no one comes through during our session?

This is extremely rare, but always a possibility.  If this happens, I will let you know and you can reschedule or I can give you a full refund.

What is your cancellation policy?

You must give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment. I understand there are times when it is necessary to cancel due to weather, illness and/or a family emergency and I will make every attempt to reschedule your appointment time.

In the event that I am not able to reach you during our scheduled appointment time and you do not attempt to contact me before this time without reasonable cause, you will be responsible for full payment.


T.L. Montgomery reserves the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment/reading, as well as the right to refuse clients for any reason.

Your session/reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. Please note that any information given to you by me, TL Montgomery, does not constitute psychological or medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. My readings are for enjoyment, validations of feelings, and intuitive information. The choice is yours to make the changes desired in your life. You are ultimately responsible for making your own choices and/or taking action.  True healing comes from within.