You Are Energy


Welcome to this weeks blog post!  Energy is the topic.  Energy you say? Yes, because in order to understand yourself, it is helpful to understand energy and how it influences you and everything around you.  I picked this picture because it perfectly displays how energy is housed in different forms. It is especially apparent in the building of the clouds on the horizon.  What you may not see is how it is also housed in the grass, sand, sky, and everything else you see.  We are a housing for energy too.  To understand this better, I channeled the following message…

Your thoughts produce energy. Your actions produce energy. Your very presence in the world is energy in the making. We all have energy that surrounds us, is within us, and we expel energy every day. This is what makes up you. Aligning your energy with the positive is the best way to keep your energy in balance.

If you were to think of yourself as a housing for a vibrational energy (we each vibrate at a certain level), you would understand that keeping your energy in balance is really the key to feeling stable, calm, and peaceful within. The thoughts you think are energy expelled and are brought to you throughout your body. The expansion of your mind to include enlightenment can only increase and balance your energy. Negative thinking can only deplete your energy.  Look at yourself as an energy center, a ball of light and electricity, and an ever-changing vibration.  This would help you to understand that keeping your energy intact within the boundaries of the physical self is what will keep you balanced as a whole.

If you also looked at others this way, you would begin to see imbalances. You would strive to put your own energy back into balance. You would not look to do anything that would upset the balance. You would be kind to your body. You would only radiate goodness. You would redefine how you move through this world. Your body houses your center, your life force, your very being. Do not upset the balance.  Bring it back to you if you do. Forgive yourself for letting it go. We are all together as one in the end. 

Try to spend some time thinking about this and visualizing your energy center. This concept will help you to understand other teachings in the weeks and months ahead.

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Always Be You, Trisha






Posted by T. L. Montgomery