Life’s Journey

Happy 2019!  With the start of the new year, we all have a chance to look at our lives in a new way.  We can evaluate where we have been and think about where we are going.  Let’s talk about what we can do individually to not only do what is best for ourselves, but give others a chance to do the same.  Sometimes it is so easy to see what other people may need to do to end their discontent. We may think we know what is best for them, but in reality only they can know what is best for them.  Here is what Spirit has to say about this very subject…

When we allow ourselves and others the space they need to learn and enlighten, we are saying that this is an integral part of being human.  It is important to the well-being of not only you, but others as well. This is truly why we are here.  There is a unique set of circumstances that exist for each person. Their lives unfold in ways that are for their own advancement. We are here to support one another in our journey through this life–for it is never without challenges. When you spend the time you need to process what you have experienced in your life and you allow others to do the same, you are raising the energy of all involved.  You are contributing to the enlightenment of all concerned.  This can only bring positive energy to the universe as a whole.

There is this thought that others should be like us, others should fulfill us in every capacity.  We are saying these are what you have imposed on them.  Learning to see your life as your own and letting go of the need to control or to get approval is really the key here.  Treat others as they should be treated; with compassion, kindness, and forgiveness.  For this is truly what we need from one another.  As you let go of the control of others, as you bring in the compassion and forgiveness, your life unfolds in ways you would never have imagined for yourself.  See that your life is for your own learning.  See that other’s lives are for the same.  This is how we all advance as one.

In our quest to help another, we often tell ourselves that we know what is best for them.  We tell others what they should think or do.  It is hard to watch someone struggle. It is hard to disagree. We all want to feel heard and seen as an individual. I certainly have been guilty of offering advice when none is needed. Sometimes it just takes someone who will listen.  Maybe that is all a person needs.  The more I understand that we are each on our own journey, the more I understand that being a true friend is to listen without judgement.

Until next time–always be you, Trisha

Posted by T. L. Montgomery