Are You Happy?

What does it mean to be happy?  We strive for happiness.  We envy those who are happy.  We spend hours reading books, watching programs, and listening to experts tell us what we need to do to be happy.  Still, it often times eludes us. What if being happy was as simple as accepting yourself and others?  What if for one week you decided that you are exactly who you should be and that feeling happy is already something within you?  I wonder how this might change how you move through the world.  You may have guessed that today’s topic is about happiness.  Spirit has this to say about being happy…

Happiness always comes from a belief that you are happy. When you live your life in judgment of self, or in judgment of another, you are not opening to the possibility that you are just how you were intended, and that others are the same. Seeing yourself as someone who is here to serve the whole, meaning the energy of the universe, is really the only way to understand yourself and others.

Look at the world and all of its inhabitants. There are so many reasons for being. This is what brings balance to the earth. With your existence comes the experience of emotions. Without one emotion, you cannot have the other. There would not be a recognition of good versus bad, or pain and sorrow versus happiness and joy. These are all of the things that make up the world.

Understand that loving yourself is what brings the world into balance and that loving others for who they are, brings balance to you. When we give love freely without judgment, we are saying that we believe all are innately good, and that the destruction of self is from the mind, not the heart, not the spirit, and not the pure essence of your soul. Think about this. How are you affecting the world? How are you affecting your very being? Use the power of your thoughts to convert a negative view into a positive one.

Find what is right in the world. Accept yourself and all that you are. This is how the world will be brought back into balance. This is how the world will change. This is how you will find true happiness.

It really can be that simple.  Start today.  Give it a week, a month, or a year. See how happiness shows up for you.

Always Be You, Trisha   

Posted by T. L. Montgomery