What Can Be Done?

This is a challenging time for many. The future is uncertain.  We have been forced to change our lives in ways we never imagined. We are left to wonder how we will be affected by this pandemic. There cannot be the usual responses, because we are faced with an unprecedented time in our history.  We may feel scared or that we are not doing enough.  What can we do ease our fears and feel more helpful?  I posed this question to the spirit world.  Their answer may surprise you…

What if you looked at this experience as a way to reset who you are and how you exist in the world? All have it within themselves to see this as a way to reset the thoughts of separateness.  To rethink what it means to be human.  Don’t you see?  When you look at every person as way to thrive, rather than someone who might be against you, you see how much we can learn from one another.  You see how much you are alike, not only physically, but at the core of your very being.  All the rest is a reaction to a feeling.

What is happening is a clear call to your spirit.  A call to redirect your life to a more spiritual place within.  To see all as connected.  To see every person as part of your very existence, for truly your survival is dependent on one another.  None of the advances your world has experienced would be possible without the collaboration of many.  This is how we want you to see the world—one big collaboration.  So much can be accomplished with this kind of belief.

Look around and see how you can help in your own way.  Whether that means words of comfort, or simply letting others know how much you appreciate their existence. Any small act of kindness can change the course of discontent.  These are ways in which you can raise the energy of the universe.

This difficult time will pass.  Have faith in humanity. Thank those that move in to help with no hesitation.  Together is always better than apart from a spiritual standpoint.  Find the strength that exists within and pass it on to all of those around you.  This is what you need.  This is what will change the energy for the better.

What could the world achieve with inclusion of all?  Start with your own life.  Who can you appreciate and collaborate with?  The more you open to others, the more others open to you.  This is what creates a community.  This is how you help one another.  Let’s start there, and let it spread throughout the world.  One day in the future, this will be as it should.  A world full of compassion, love, and a deep sense of connection to all living things.  Now isn’t that worth striving for?

Maybe it is as simple as helping your neighbors, friends, and loved ones in whatever way you can.  Thank the first responders and those who are on the front lines fighting for our existence. We are all in this together.

Stay safe and remember you are never alone.

Just be you, Trisha

Posted by T. L. Montgomery