Acceptance of Self

During my walk the other day, I noticed everything coming into full bloom.  It really was beautiful!  The picture above is of a cherry tree in bloom against a clear blue sky.  I loved the contrast and the colors! It got me thinking about spring and how it is a time of rebirth–a chance to start again.  I really feel like I have had a rebirth over the last few years and want to share what I have learned from the spirit world.  This post is about acceptance, for that is what will get you to your true self.

Acceptance of self might be one of the hardest concepts to get. We are not meant to be like others. We are meant to emit our own vibration to the world. We are meant to bring our own thoughts and feelings of ourselves to the world.  We are unique. Understanding that you are loved no matter how you present in the world is really the key. Understanding that you are meant to be you. You are meant to know yourself. You are meant to accept yourself. Each person adds to the world in a way that brings light–meaning energy. We can all express our inner truth in a way that brings more light. This is how it is designed. This is how will always be.

Often people will say “what am I missing from being my true self?” The answer is simple, you are not missing anything.  We don’t like to talk in terms of missing anything because we are all at the perfect place for us at this time. It is all about growing, seeking, and learning.  That is what it means to be your true self.  So, to say you are missing something would mean that you are not complete, when in fact you are complete. You always have been. This is much easier to understand than people think. Accept where you are at, be happy with whatever comes along, know that you are on the right track no matter where you are at any given time.

Each post from this blog forward will include a picture (because I like to add a visual to each post) and a message or two from spirit.  If it resonates with you and/or someone you know, please share, subscribe to my email list, and help me to spread light in the world. I would love to hear your comments and questions too! You can post those below (first you have to click on the title of this blog above).

Enjoy the beauty of spring and always be you,


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“We all have our own true self. It is what we were born to be. It is what we were meant to be. It is the knowledge that only you have. It lies within us, and guides us throughout our lives.”

Words of Life: Messages for a Path to Inner Peace

Welcome to my blog! I am very excited to open a dialog about what it means to be yourself, help you gain an understanding about our world and the unseen world of spirit, and to explore how you can partner with spirit in your own life. This blog will come from what I have learned from my connection to the spirit world. If you read my “About Me” page, you know that I am an intuitive, medium, and channel. My job is to bridge the gap between the spirit world and the physical world. I am a voice for those in spirit. I hope to open your mind and your heart to the possibility that your life exists exactly as it should and that we are all loved no matter where we are on our journey here in this physical world.

So what does it mean to be yourself? What does it mean to be peaceful within? I have asked these questions myself and it is not always an easy answer! With the help of my connection to the spirit world, this is the topic we will explore for the next few weeks. Every few weeks I will be posting what I have learned through channeling with spirit. You are not going to want to miss this!  These messages are universal, important, and profound. Let’s start with this message about being yourself.

People think that being themselves is to experience a radical change, when in fact, it is coming back to themselves. In the sense that how we act and think now has been learned. It is not their natural state. Being yourself is a way of being what should come naturally. When you think about what it’s like to be yourself, you may think that finding that will be too hard, but it is there. It is waiting. It’s not as hard to reach as you think. Quiet the mind. Go within. This is where the true self resides.

Wow, to think that we already have everything we need to find our true self is liberating, isn’t it? Sign up for my email notification list and we will see you back here soon!

Always be you, Trisha

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