Your Loved Ones Live On

“Death is not the end.  It is the beginning.  It is the beginning of bringing yourself back to your place of origin.”

Words of Life:  Messages for a Path to Inner Peace 

As a medium, I get asked a lot of questions about the other side, but the question that I get asked the most is:  “Is my loved one ok?” I answer this with a resounding, “yes!”  It is we who are left in the physical world and have to learn to live without them.  Here is what spirit has to say about the process of letting go of our loved ones here on the physical plane: 

Understand that you’re thinking about the loss of a loved one can be seen in a different way.  You have memories of a physical past, a physical touch, and a physical presence that drives you forward.  These memories are what we cling to for reassurance of their existence in this life.

If you were to think of their existence of being in another part of the world, instead of gone forever, you would feel reassured that they are okay in this world. Transfer that thought of them being in your world, and being okay, to this world. Everything you do touches your loved one, everything you say is heard by your loved one, and everything you feel is felt by your loved one. This is how the spiritual world works. We are one with you, we want the best for you, and we believe in you.

When you live your life attached to a physical being, without the presence of this being, you are not acknowledging that what was connected all along was your souls, your energy, and your reason for being together. The energy behind the attachment never dies, never leaves you, and never changes.

Use the energy of this relationship to go forward in your life.  Be grateful that you could experience a physical connection too. Understand that ultimately it’s the connection of your souls that drive you forward into a new way of being. Honor this, thanks this, and release the feelings of sorrow.

My beloved father died last year and it has even been difficult for me to let him go.  I think of him every day and miss him tremendously.  What I have come to realize is that he still has a positive impact on my life, even without his physical presence.  I am the representation of him.

We are all connected to our loved ones.  We are all representations of our loved ones.  We will all continue to experience a connection long after our loved ones have left this life. I hope you will find a way to honor your loved one by living the best life that you can, while being grateful for the experience of knowing them in this physical world.

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Always Be You, Trisha



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