Are We Our Thoughts?


Let’s talk about “thoughts.”  We all have them.  We all have an internal dialog going on all of the time.  We might think about how we look, how we feel, what we have to do, what others have said, and on and on.  What you probably don’t think about is how many of those thoughts are negative.  Here is what spirit has to say about our thoughts…

Your thoughts alone are what can bring you to peace or discontent.  When negative thoughts become something you always use, they can then bring themselves to the body.  The cells begin to react to the thoughts.  Your body then begins to live those thoughts.  After all, they are only responding to the directions given by your thoughts.  Negative thoughts produce energy within the body, just as positive thoughts do.  The difference is the way your cells respond.  When thoughts are positive, your cells are instructed to be in balance.  When your thoughts are negative, your cells are instructed to produce energy that turns against the body.  Over time, this is what can cause discontent in the body and the mind.

I definitely have experienced this in my own life.  It can be very difficult to see the connection between our thoughts and our physical body.  Most of the time, we are not even aware of how many of our thoughts are negative or how it is affecting our lives.  Here is another way to help you understand.

What you hold on to, whether it be a negative belief, a mistrust in yourself, or whether it is tied to a negative thought about another, can only cause discontent in the body and the mind.  Understand that this will only limit your life.  Understand that this kind of thinking can affect those around you.  What is not forgiven, stays within the physical body.  What is not released stays within the mind.  What is not let go completely, stays within the energy around you.  This can only bring suffering.  Think about this.  Understand how thoughts can drive all within self.

This sure makes me wonder about my own way of thinking. All I can do is have an awareness of those thoughts and try to replace a negative thought with a positive one. Sounds a lot easier than it is!  The question is: how do you bring your body and mind back into balance?  Spirit definitely has some things to say about that too.  This will be the topic of my next blog, so stay tuned!

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Always Be You, Trisha


Posted by T. L. Montgomery