A Time For Expansion

We have all heard the news. Our environment is changing.  Every day we hear about storms, environmental destruction, or the threat of extinction of one species or another.  What if we understood just one simple concept?  Each of us as humans, can affect positive change in our world.  Here is what the spirit world has to say about our earth…

We would like to talk about the balance of the Earth. If you look at the plants, animals, humans, and all other natural occurrences on Earth, you will see the connection to all living things. This connection is vital to the survival of all. Without one there cannot be another.

As humans, you are the only ones who can upset this balance. You are the only ones who can change the course of all living things. Plants, animals, and all the rest, exist solely from an instinct. Their life there is based on what is innately in them. Your life there is the same, but you have choices as to how that life goes.

With your choices, comes the responsibility to keep all in balance, to keep everything functioning at a level that benefits all, and to see your life there as a partner to everything else that exists on Earth.

What we want to convey is for you to understand this connection. To understand that how you treat the other is how you survive as well. Believing that you have complete control, and that there is no problem that cannot be solved through your mind and spirit, is really the key here.

We are talking about a shift in thinking from consumption to expansion. An expansion of thought about what each living thing means to each other. How all can benefit from our attention to this.

You can see all as connected. You can honor all that exists. You can move in the direction of preservation of all. You belong as one. When you understand this, you will understand the world as a whole.

I believe to affect change means to start with your own backyard. What can you do?  Can you consume less?  Can you preserve more?  Take some time to expand your thinking about the world and your relationship to all living things.  Start by taking small, but significant, steps to better your own environment. The more we act on this simple concept, the more we benefit.  Wouldn’t that make a better world for all of us?  

Just Be You, Trisha

Posted by T. L. Montgomery

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