Month: July 2019

Are you in the Present Moment?

Summer is a wonderful time to get out and experience our world. It’s a time to enjoy the trees and plants in full bloom. Everything seems more alive, but how much do you really notice?  How much do you really enjoy the people you are with?  How much do you appreciate the moment while it’s here?

We have talked about looking at the past as a way to learn. Let’s talk about the present. Do you spend your time looking to some future date, while letting a minute, an hour, or day pass without notice?  What if you were only focused on the moment you are in as it is happening?  Don’t let this moment pass without reading what spirit has to say about being in the present.

When you believe that what is to come will always be in your best interest and that you don’t need to spend time thinking about how things may go, you are left with only the present moment. This can be all you need to see your life as peaceful. When you are fully present and you do not worry about what is to come, you are giving yourself the gift of contentment. With this contentment comes the experience of that exact moment. In this way you are guaranteed to never miss anything. You are guaranteed to feel just what is present in that moment.

Understanding that what has happened can never be changed and what is to come can never be known, is truly the only way to be at peace within the confines of time. Every moment passes. Every moment has another one waiting. Every moment is what defines your life. Make the most of it, for this is how peace and contentment arrive.

It’s easy to let experiences pass you by.  We are often thinking about what is next. There is comfort in planning.  What if you took some time to really notice all that surrounds you?  See if the future no longer has relevance in your present state of awareness.  Let the present become part of your memories of a life well lived.

Just Be You, Trisha 

Posted by T. L. Montgomery