Month: June 2019

Life’s Challenges

Everyone has experienced unwanted events in their lives.  These are never pleasant and sometimes life altering.  They test our resolve.  They leave us asking “why me?”  “Why did this have to happen?”  “Why do I have to suffer?”  Some react with anger. Others react with sadness. Some react with no reaction at all.  These are all states of discontent. It seems unfair to feel so bad.  We just want to feel better.  We often look outside of ourselves for the answers.  What if we looked at these types of events differently?  What if we tried to look for meaning instead?  It’s a lofty goal, but read what spirit has to say about such events.

Clarity comes from looking at any given situation as a way to learn. When you look at all sides of an event and you let go of the thinking about what you wanted, you can then begin the process of understanding. The reasons can never be known without reflection. The reasons will always be clear with pure assessment.

“Why did it happen” can come in many forms.  Sometimes it is an understanding that comes right away and other times it is an understanding many years down the road. You may not always like what is happening. You may not always understand what is happening, but you always need what is happening. This is truly how you learn. You learn what you don’t want. You learn what you do want. Maybe you learn that your reaction could have been different.

Where things get difficult is when the acceptance of what has already happened becomes a fight in the mind. Without acceptance, you cannot see clearly enough to learn. You cannot see clearly enough for assessment. Most of all, you cannot see clearly enough to move forward with a new way of being.

This is why it is so important to look at events as a way to grow. Accept all that is and thank it for helping you to see things in a different light. We are not saying this is easy. We are saying this is needed in order to avoid more discontent.

Life can be hard.  Wishing something has not occurred, does not make it so.  It may be difficult to get our questions answered.  We may never completely understand why something has occurred, but we can accept that it has.  In this way, we can learn from our experiences, we can leave the discontent behind, and move forward with a new understanding.

Always be you, Trisha

Posted by T. L. Montgomery