Month: March 2019

Are You Fully Present?

Happy spring! We often associate spring with cleaning our homes and preparing our gardens so that we can enjoy our surroundings.  What if enjoying our surroundings involved more than just using our five senses?  I have been thinking about what it really means to be fully present in my life. When I think of being fully present, I think of looking at the flowers, listening to the birds, and being fully in the moment. I tell my mind to stop all the chatter. I wonder why it is so hard to just be?  Spirit has a lot to say about this very topic…

There is this thought that being fully present means to use your five senses to notice all that surrounds a person.  This can be true to some extent, but we have a different view.  Being fully present is to see yourself as whole. To see yourself as just what your soul intended, without the thoughts of “I am not fully what I want to be.” 

When you believe that you have been born to be just as you are inside, you begin to see the world as a way for you to express your true self.  You see that you have something to contribute because of who you are, not because of what you have become.  This is a very important distinction.  The acceptance of who you are is what will propel you down the road of being fully present.

When you live your life knowing that what is inside is much more important than what you think others will see, being fully present becomes something that does not require thought.  It does not require training.  It only requires being.  Life becomes full of joy.  The joy comes from not working so hard to attain a certain state of being.  Life just becomes being fully present.  You are able to notice without effort.You experience all that your life has to offer. 

This is not to say that when you understand and experience being fully present that there will not be challenges, for life will always have challenges.  It is to say that the challenge to be fully present and to exist as you believe others want you to exist, no longer becomes important.  You are free to live your life as intended.  For this is truly what will bring you to peace within.

As spring unfolds and you prepare your surroundings, think of how you can be fully present in your own life.  Think about how you can fully accept yourself.  Doesn’t that seem like a much more desirable way to enjoy spring?

Always be you, Trisha

Posted by T. L. Montgomery