Month: February 2019

Our World

Today I want to talk about the state of our world.  It seems like every day there is conflict somewhere.  Watching the news can be very upsetting!  I lay awake at night worrying about the state of our nation.  I wonder why we can’t just live peaceful lives.  I wonder why the world has so much turmoil.  Spirit has a different view of this…

We do not look at this as turmoil.  We look at this as growth. Growth of a nation, growth of a soul, growth of the world, and its awareness of suffering. Without this, you would not have an understanding of your own life and how it should be. For there to be peace, there needs to be an understanding of what you are striving for. The suffering comes to those who believe that only their best interests matters.

If you were to look at the world as a whole, you would see that each and every one of you is made up of the same. Where you become different is in your reactions to your circumstance. This is why there is turmoil.  This is why there is pain.  This is why there is contentment and happiness too.

Each of us, within or own life, has the wisdom within us to influence our circumstance, to bring goodness to all, and to react in a way that is best for our soul. Spend time thinking about this. What is best for your soul ultimately influences those around you in a positive way. This is how turmoil dissipates, this is how you begin to see that there can be more than suffering. This is when enlightenment comes.

Thinking about this has made me re-evaluate how I take in negativity.  Instead of looking at turmoil as something that is hopeless, this makes me feel hopeful.  I believe there are more people in the world who truly want peace, than those that do not. I believe there are more people in the world that are good, than those who are not.  Most of all, I know we all have the ability to look at the world in a positive light and bring forward our own best self to influence all.

Until next time–always be you, Trisha

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