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Who Are You?


Let’s talk about the exploration of self.  As an intuitive life coach, my sessions usually begin by asking the client why they came to see me and what it is they hope to learn?  Invariably, the answer comes in some form of “I want to understand why I am here.”  I believe that most people, including myself, have had trouble knowing where to begin this process.  I find that starting with understanding yourself and your actions is the best way. It can be hard to look honestly at yourself.  It requires a willingness to look deeply into what makes you tick. I really like the way spirit addresses this topic…

To explore one’s self is to let go of any attachment to what you think you should be. It is to look deeply into why you are here and your reactions to the world. We have talked about fear, anger, and feelings of unrest. Let’s talk about how to get to the true you, and how to bring that forward in a way that helps you understand your actions.

To explore or to look deeply means to identify what it is that keeps you reacting and feeling in a way that brings discontent to your life. What are the emotions behind the reactions? What are the emotions behind the feelings of discontent? Explore the possibility that how you are feeling is just a reaction to a thought about yourself.  If you were to look at this thought as something you have learned and can unlearn, you would see that the exploration can bring you to peace within. 

Understanding your thoughts and why you have them is really the key to letting go of them. We are saying that exploration and reflection are an integral part of the learning in this life. As you reflect, as you look to your motivations, as you understand yourself, life begins to bring you joy. The joy comes from knowing yourself. The joy comes from accepting yourself. The joy comes from finally being you. Believe your life has a purpose. Understand that learning is what you came to do. Be open to any possibility, because truly, you exist to evolve into a greater version of yourself. The sooner you explore, the sooner the joy arrives. 

When we allow ourselves an honest assessment of who we are and strive to better our place in the world, we open doors to the answers we seek.  As each door opens, another answer is waiting.  I chose this picture because it reminds me of what we can achieve. Each branch represents a growth opportunity as we explore our reason for being. This can ultimately help us to answer the question “Why am I here?” for ourselves.

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Always Be You, Trisha

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What is Enlightenment?


Today’s topic is enlightenment.  A question that often comes up is “how do I become enlightened?”  People will often refer to this as something that happens to a person spontaneously–as if by magic. It certainly can be true that a major life event, such as the loss of a loved one or an illness, can propel you forward into a new way of thinking. For me, enlightenment is something that has happened more slowly, over time.  The more I am aware of my existence and that there is something beyond this world, the better I understand what enlightenment is. So, what does it mean to be enlightened?  What is the difference between enlightenment and awareness?  Here is the explanation from the spirit world…

Awareness comes from the thoughts of what is currently happening in your life.  You are aware that you exist, that you are a thinking being, and that in your life you have choices.  Enlightenment is when you understand that there is more than just this life.  You believe that you are divinely guided and that you already have everything you need to have a peaceful life. 

You cannot have enlightenment without first having an awareness.  You must have the awareness that there is a self, there is a physical body, and that you have thoughts.  You understand how those thoughts affect your life.  Once awareness has been brought forward, you can then begin the process of enlightenment.  It is learning about yourself and what you want for this life.  It is to trust that you are heading in the right direction.  It is to see that there is a connection in all things.  It is a deeper knowing of all that exists—seen and unseen.  It is the letting go of an expectation.  It is the bringing in of faith in all that is.  It is to move through the world with the ultimate goal of contributing in a positive way.  It is to listen to your inner voice, your soul, and the energy within to see what it wants and why you are here.  

Enlightenment can only come from letting go of your thinking and trusting that your soul already knows where you are going.  It is to trust that there is something more than your present state of awareness.  Enlightenment is truly made up of joy, acceptance, and a willingness to move in any direction, knowing that you will have a positive impact on the energy of the universe as a whole.  

Start with an awareness.  Expand to a knowing.  Let your life be all it was meant to be with the faith that you are loved and guided throughout. 

The picture I choose was taken on a lovely fall hike along a river.  The sun was setting and I couldn’t help but notice that it was the perfect moment to capture what enlightenment might feel like.  Of course it is more than that, but it creates a good visual!

I hope you will take some time to think about these concepts and see how you can move towards a more enlightened life–free from suffering and tuned in to your spiritual self.

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Always Be You, Trisha

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