Month: October 2018

Can We Change Our Thoughts?

This is the last of the three part series on how your negative thoughts can bring discontent to your life, whereas positive thoughts can bring harmony. Last time we talked about how we all have a physical, mental, and spiritual side to our being.  Now let’s talk about what we can do to balance those three essential elements. How do you get unstuck from a way of thinking that is not good for your well-being? Here is what spirit has to say about bringing balance to your being by changing your thoughts…

You start with one thought at a time.  You begin the search for meaning. You look at what your thoughts are doing to help you.  The thoughts you think determine how you will respond in any given situation.  If you were to look at these thoughts as a way to change your thinking about yourself, you would use it as a way to believe in yourself.  You would change a negative thought into a positive.  You would only generate thoughts that would help you for what lies ahead.  Look ahead to how you want to live and begin to change your thinking. You would trust that what you are experiencing now, will help you in the days to come.  This belief alone leaves you with no desire to have negative thoughts. This belief alone leaves you with a sense of peace in all that is.

Sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  Of course this takes effort.  We have to be aware of these thoughts in order to change them.  Another way to look at balancing is to have the belief that all is well.  Here is what spirit has to say about the belief in our ability to heal our bodies too…

Of course positive thought is a start, but a belief that all is well is really the way to change the pattern of thought.  When you believe that you have the power within for all of life’s teachings (we call them teachings because nothing is ever negative when looked at as a way to learn), this can help your body to heal.  When discontent has arrived, begin the process of balance.  Start with one thought at a time.  Convert the negative into a positive.  Believe this can be done.  Balance the energy within by giving your body what is needs through rest, forgiveness, being in nature, or anything that brings you joy.  Make this a practice every day, even if it is only one thing.  Over time, the energy within will shift. It will calm.  It will start to bring balance to all.

Thinking of the physical, mental, and spiritual as a way to balance really is about bringing awareness to your thoughts and believing that you have the power to change the energy within.  When I get out of balance, I always begin by being kind to my body, which in turn calms my mind, which in turn helps me feel connected to the my spiritual self.  What would help you to be in balance?  Start with your thoughts and see where that takes you.

I picked this picture not only for its beauty, but for the feeling I get when I hike in such a serene place.  This is how I find balance.  What do you do? I would love to hear from you!  Feel free to comment below or send me a quick email.  Let’s open the dialog about what brings you back into balance.

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Always Be You, Trisha


Posted by T. L. Montgomery