Month: July 2018

We are Connected


While I was traveling this past week, I thought about all of the places I have been and one thing kept coming to mind.  No matter what place, race, culture, or age I encounter throughout the world, people strive for the same thing. We want to live a peaceful life.  We want to be happy and content.  We want to feel a connection to others. Here is what spirit has to say about connection…

See the world as something grand—as a world that has the capacity for people to learn and remember who they truly are. Understand that we are all connected. Everyone is connected to the unseen world. If you looked at your neighbors, your friends, and loved ones in a way that made you feel connected (even if it is just imagining an invisible cord of energy that connects our souls) your whole vision of how you see someone would change. You would see that we are all dependent on one another. We are important to each other’s well-being. Imagining this for everyone you meet will make you think about your very survival. What is good for one—such as kindness, acceptance, and a willingness to listen—can make your own life all it should be: full of the same.

See others as your lifeline to the unseen world and to one another and you will never look at someone else the same again. It will be a reflection of you and how you want to be treated and how you want to feel. Try this and you will begin to understand the big picture of connection.

I chose this picture because it represents the roads we can travel to experience the beauty of the natural world and to meet others who are doing the same.  We can experience our connection to each other by opening our minds to the possibility that we are more alike than different.  Whether it’s in your own backyard or somewhere in the world, find your place of connection. Use this connection to understand yourself and others.

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Always Be You, Trisha

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Follow the Joy


Today’s post is all about letting go and trusting that what is ahead is what you need.  I am the first one to admit that this is very difficult.  I am a planner, an analyzer, and I definitely feel more comfortable if I know what lies ahead.  I chose this picture because it reminds me of the path we take every day, the path that leads us to our future.  If we allow things to be as intended, we will ultimately find the path to joy.  Here is what spirit has to say about “letting go.”

When you learn to let go of expectations of what will be, your life will unfold in a way that brings joy. The joy comes in knowing that you are loved and guided.  You are thought of as an individual who has something to offer the world, regardless of what others might say. Understand that we each have a purpose in the world–a reason for being. This is the key to acceptance of self. When you understand and accept that you are not here by accident and that you have something to contribute regardless of how you present in the world, you will then understand your place.

If you were to let go of all expectations of how your life should unfold and trust that you have help to guide you to your purpose, you would not feel the need to control. You would not feel the need for reassurance from anyone. You would only trust that where you are going is just as it was intended. You would listen to your inner self. You would follow the joy. You would be at peace no matter what is going on around you. This is the ticket to letting go. This is the way to true happiness.

Being yourself and trusting the unseen world is all that you need. The rest is self-imposed. The rest is what causes discontent. The rest means nothing in the end.

I have thought about this a lot since I channeled it. It is a good reminder that no matter what happens in our life, we can choose how we respond. We can trust ourselves and the unseen world.  We can fully accept who we are.  We can listen to our inner voice and follow the joy.

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Always Be You, Trisha

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