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What is Your Message?

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about how you can bring your best self forward. I picked this picture because it shows that we can always find a way to be our amazing true self.  I was struck by how these flowers were able to somehow grow even though the soil it needed was limited.  The rocks, cement, and metal cover where taking up most of that space. Regardless of the obstacles, these flowers were able to take root and bloom to their full potential anyway. Because they were able to bloom, they made everything around them look more beautiful too.  The following channel speaks to the obstacles that can sometimes block our path to revealing our best self…

We all wish that something might be different than a circumstance that brings us suffering. Difficult situations are there to teach. They are there to teach you to remember what is truly important. To remember that whatever happens outside of you does not define you. You are what is inside. This will never change. Learning to see yourself as a soul, a beacon of light, a charge of energy is the real truth and that suffering is optional. Experiencing anger is optional. Any feeling that takes you away from your essence of being is optional. The feeling that brings you joy, happiness, and contentment, always comes from being in balance with your inner core. If you are experiencing anything other than that, then you are out of balance. You are not recognizing that you are a spiritual being inside the physical body you call self. Find a way to align, to understand, and to accept yourself. The rest will seem like it should be just as we described–joyful and full of contentment.

Ok, I will admit that I am not so good at remembering this during troubled times.  I can only try to keep it in my awareness and act from there. The trick is to understand it, adjust your thinking, and try to avoid more suffering.  More than anything, we can understand that we all have something positive to offer regardless of our circumstance.   The next channel talks about just that…

Everyone has a message for the world. Whether it’s through their actions or whether it’s through their words. There is always something to teach others. It’s getting past the doubt, the worry, and the negative view of themselves that will then reveal what that message is. When you are tuned into your inner self and you are accepting of everything that makes up you, you will then understand what it is that you have to bring to the world. Hidden beneath doubt is goodness, acceptance of all things, and the willingness to treat others with compassion. You begin to see that we are all together as one. One in spirit. One in strength. One in the energy that exists in the physical and spiritual world. Use this as a way to call in your own truths. Find a way to understand what you can contribute to the greater energy of life. Bring it forward for the good of all. That will be the ultimate message of self.

What is your message? How will you bring it forward?

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Always Be You, Trisha

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You Are Energy


Welcome to this weeks blog post!  Energy is the topic.  Energy you say? Yes, because in order to understand yourself, it is helpful to understand energy and how it influences you and everything around you.  I picked this picture because it perfectly displays how energy is housed in different forms. It is especially apparent in the building of the clouds on the horizon.  What you may not see is how it is also housed in the grass, sand, sky, and everything else you see.  We are a housing for energy too.  To understand this better, I channeled the following message…

Your thoughts produce energy. Your actions produce energy. Your very presence in the world is energy in the making. We all have energy that surrounds us, is within us, and we expel energy every day. This is what makes up you. Aligning your energy with the positive is the best way to keep your energy in balance.

If you were to think of yourself as a housing for a vibrational energy (we each vibrate at a certain level), you would understand that keeping your energy in balance is really the key to feeling stable, calm, and peaceful within. The thoughts you think are energy expelled and are brought to you throughout your body. The expansion of your mind to include enlightenment can only increase and balance your energy. Negative thinking can only deplete your energy.  Look at yourself as an energy center, a ball of light and electricity, and an ever-changing vibration.  This would help you to understand that keeping your energy intact within the boundaries of the physical self is what will keep you balanced as a whole.

If you also looked at others this way, you would begin to see imbalances. You would strive to put your own energy back into balance. You would not look to do anything that would upset the balance. You would be kind to your body. You would only radiate goodness. You would redefine how you move through this world. Your body houses your center, your life force, your very being. Do not upset the balance.  Bring it back to you if you do. Forgive yourself for letting it go. We are all together as one in the end. 

Try to spend some time thinking about this and visualizing your energy center. This concept will help you to understand other teachings in the weeks and months ahead.

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Always Be You, Trisha






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Acceptance of Self

During my walk the other day, I noticed everything coming into full bloom.  It really was beautiful!  The picture above is of a cherry tree in bloom against a clear blue sky.  I loved the contrast and the colors! It got me thinking about spring and how it is a time of rebirth–a chance to start again.  I really feel like I have had a rebirth over the last few years and want to share what I have learned from the spirit world.  This post is about acceptance, for that is what will get you to your true self.

Acceptance of self might be one of the hardest concepts to get. We are not meant to be like others. We are meant to emit our own vibration to the world. We are meant to bring our own thoughts and feelings of ourselves to the world.  We are unique. Understanding that you are loved no matter how you present in the world is really the key. Understanding that you are meant to be you. You are meant to know yourself. You are meant to accept yourself. Each person adds to the world in a way that brings light–meaning energy. We can all express our inner truth in a way that brings more light. This is how it is designed. This is how will always be.

Often people will say “what am I missing from being my true self?” The answer is simple, you are not missing anything.  We don’t like to talk in terms of missing anything because we are all at the perfect place for us at this time. It is all about growing, seeking, and learning.  That is what it means to be your true self.  So, to say you are missing something would mean that you are not complete, when in fact you are complete. You always have been. This is much easier to understand than people think. Accept where you are at, be happy with whatever comes along, know that you are on the right track no matter where you are at any given time.

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Enjoy the beauty of spring and always be you,


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